February 27, 2011

Wild Women of Wongo (1958)

Beauty is on the inside...that is unless you live in Wongo. The Wild Women of Wongo shows that it doesn't really matter what you look like, as long as you are hot. It is a good lesson on how the world really works.

Synopsis: On the island of Wongo all the women are beautiful, but the men are all ugly. When the handsome son of the king of a neighboring island arrives to seek the help of the men of Wongo in holding back an invasion of Ape Men from the sea, the women instantly fall in love with him. The King's son likewise has never seen women as pretty as those of Wongo, as all the maidens of his tribe are ugly while all the men are handsome. The Women of Wongo soon decide to claim these handsome men for themselves!

The real lesson of this movie is don't be ugly. But really no one in this movie is a hideous beast. The men of Wongo aren't really ugly per-say, they just aren't as handsome as the men from the other island. It's the same for the women of the other island. Even the "Ape Men" aren't that ugly. I guess this is Hollywood ugly, which is different then normal ugly.

This is another one of those movies where it is just an excuse to sit in a theater and watch hot ladies bath and cat fight with each other. Doesn't really get much deeper then that. There are actually two WTF moments in this film. The first is this crazy narration from Mother Nature at the opening of the movie explaining how things got like this on the two islands. Turns out it was a little experiment she and Father Time cooked up. It's just really strange thing to start the film off with.

The second moment is that there is a talking bird giving commentary all through the movie. We are constantly getting cut aways to this bird who comes out will little smart ass quips about everything. He's even on the poster up there, word balloon and all.

Wild Women of Wongo gets a 3 out of 5 on the Cheese-O-Meter.

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