February 17, 2011

The Galaxy Invader (1985)

Alien comes to Earth. Alien kills Earthlings. Earthlings kills Alien. It's a tried and true formula and it's the formula that today's offering, The Galaxy Invader, follows...although with a very small budget.

Synopsis: After meteor falls outside a small town, people in the surrounding area start dying. The locals start try to hunt down the creature, while a scientist with an interest in UFO also tries to find the creature before they can destroy it.

The really funny thing about this movie is that the alien isn't really the star of this movie. The drunken, red neck, abusive father that only seems to have one torn to shreds shirt, is. I mean really this movie seems to be more about proving what a horrible human being this guy is then it is about some alien invader.

This movie is sort of like Beetlejuice, in that the title character really isn't in the movie as much as  you'd think. That is not to say this isn't a good B-Movie (which is far different from being just a good movie.) In fact I'd say this is almost a perfect B-movie. This movie has everything it should. Bad acting, wandering plot, over the top character, and stuff that makes you scratch your head and wonder. That makes for a fun movie to sit down and laugh at it's absurdities

The Galaxy Invader gets a 5 out of 5 on the Cheese-O-Meter.

Until next time, see you on the front line.



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