February 15, 2011

The Head (1962)

Today's movie, The Head, comes to us from Germany. You don't see a lot of these kinds of movies come from there. In fact this is the first one I've encountered, but that's not to say they aren't very good at it. Out of all the "head in a jar" movies this is one of the best.

Synopsis: When a scientist, who is an expert in keeping limbs alive separated from the body, has a tragic accident, his assistant keeps his head alive so that he can tell him how to remove the head of a hunchback nurse and attach it to the body of a local stripper.

This movie is very much like "The Brain That Wouldn't Die." and oddly the plot of the second X-Files movie is also similar. I think in the case of the latter it actually might have been inspired by it. This movie is much darker, however, then "The Brain that Wouldn't Die". I'm guessing that it's the German coming out in it. The problem with that is it takes a lot of "camp" out of the movie, and that makes it not nearly as fun to watch. 

This movie still gets 3 out 5 on the Chesse-O-Meter, just because it is actually a pretty good movie even if it isn't the laughable campy that I was expecting.

Until next time, see you on the front line. 


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