February 9, 2011

Nightmare in Wax (1969)

Three movies in three days? I must be on a roll. Today we look at Nightmare in Wax. One of a string of horror movies that have to do with Wax Museums. No idea why people think those are scary. I guess because they are so life like, and that equals creepy. But whatever.

Synopsis: When make up artist Vince is disfigured by his boss and his fiancee leaves him, he set out a plot of revenge that involves turning everyone that has wronged him into living wax statues and putting them on display at the wax museum where he works.

This movie followed in the footsteps of 1953's "House of Wax" which was it's self a remake of an earlier film from the 30's. There really isn't anything to special about this film. It's by no means a film masterpiece, but at the same time you don't have to wonder if it was made by a fertilizer sales man on the weekend. It's clear that this was made by people that had made movies before.

That funniest thing about this movie is how stupid the police are. Every time someone disappears a wax statue of them by Vince appears in the museum a few days later. They even interview him like three times, since he knew all the victims and had grudges against, before they figure it out. At least they don't try to hide who the killer is from the audience, because to do so would be to assume we are as stupid as the police in this movie. And that would be pretty insulting.

Nightmare in Wax gets 3 out 5 on the cheese-o-meter.

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