April 19, 2009

Blitzkrieg Intermissions: What does 50 cents get you from the Catholics?

The short answer? Four books and a Ceramic Jack-O-Lantern. Course we don't deal in short answers here at the Blitzkrieg, besides the story is in the details anyway. But the question you are probably asking yourself is "But Matt (Your guide to all things Cheese and Celluloid.) how did you get 4 books and a ceramic Jack-O-Lantern from the Catholics for 50 cents?" No, the answer isn't the plot to the next Dan Brown novel. The answer is GARAGE SALE!

Although it was actually more of a basement sale as a Garage wasn't involved at all. So I saunter into this place looking for that unfound treasure that'll make me a quick buck on eBay cause I'm so poor that even dirt makes fun of me. Didn't find anything like that, but I also didn't come home empty handed either. So let's look at what's in the goody bag.

There are always two things I really look through when I go to like Flea Markets or Garage Sales. The first is the DVDs. You never know when you are going to find that next cheesy movie that'll end up on this blog one day.The next thing I look for is books. So when I saw a table full of them, I headed that way. The first book I pulled from the grips of endless romance, western, and books on Catholicism, was "Chariots of the Gods".

This is kinda an odd book to find at a church sponsored garage sale actually. For those that do not know what this book is about, it's basically a guy named Erich Von Danikien putting forward his theory that Aliens where actually all the Gods of the old world. You know when people say that Aliens built the pyramids? That's where this all started. This was a pretty famous book and was huge in the 70s. Mr. Von Daniken pretty much made a career out this theory as almost all his books after this deal with this exact same subject.

As for me, I'd never read it and heard about it and the books where 25 cents each...so I thought what the hell.

The next book that came out was called "Crash Go the Chariots". Now this book looked like Chariots of the gods, right down to the style of the cover, but it isn't written by the same man or published by the same company. At first I assumed this was a rip off book published to make a quick buck off of Chariots, and in a way it was, but it wasn't a rip off. Instead this seems to be a rebuttal of kinds to the theory's presented by Von Daniken. Don't you wish you could get in fights with someone and get paid to do it? It'd be nice. Anyway, this books was only half as thick as Chariots and I'd never heard of it, but in the interest of being unbiased I decided to pick up as well and see what this fellow had to say.

Our next book is "Impossible: Yet it Happened!" by R. DeWitt Miller. This is a pretty run of the mill Unexplained book. Not really much of note here, well none that I can tell ya till I read it. The book does cover a wide array of subjects. The chapter listings cover Phantom Armies, Sea Serpents, Damned Ships, Ghosts, Haunted Houses, Poltergeists and more. Anyway it was a quarter so I got it.

The last book I picked up was called "Limbo of the Lost". This was another book that rode the wave of interest in the unexplained that popped up in the 70s in the era of IN SEARCH OF... This one just happens to be on the Bermuda Triangle. Again this one looks to be pretty standard and not much of note about this one other then the subject matter. Which is why I bought it.

Last, but not least, is probably my favorite find of the day. This little guy caught my eye from across the room and I made a B-Line to him. Lost among a table full of Christmas stuff he looked so lonely and in need of a good home and no better home for a Halloween decoration then with me. I loves the Halloween like most people love Christmas. If I ever get a big house I plan to devote a whole room just to Halloween stuff. The 5 cent price tag on this guy and the fact that even at that price no one wanted him, just made a stronger case for bringing this guy home with me.

After making my selections, which add up to $1.05 for those that have been counting I went to the check out only to find out that everything was half off. WOOT! But where does that leave little Jack with this 5 cent price tag? I cant very well give them 2 1/2 cents for him. When I pointed this out to the lady, she basically didn't want to mess with it (Or wanted that symbol of the Devil's holiday outta her hair.) and gave it to me for free. So in the end I only had to be pay out the 50 cents for the books. A pretty good haul for the money if I do say so myself.

April 13, 2009

So what about those Posts/Vote on the Next Flick Update.

So you remember when I promised to get that next installment out by Sat. And you know how it is now Mon and it's still not there? Yeah...blame Facebook and the never-ending movie quiz. I do think I got that out of my system and should get back to work on the blog tonight. Course I've said that before.

Also in related news, it looks like Monster from a Prehistoric Planet has won the vote and will be following Zorro as the next film reviewed. This 1960s Monster movie was called Kappa in it's original Japan and is basically a rip off of Godzilla. I must warn you there is no Prehistoric Planet in the movie. Go figure.

I just can't believe Karate Cop didn't get any votes. The movie is so out there and so bad that I know it's going to show up again.

April 3, 2009

No Blitz this week.

Sad to say but due to the very serious illness Lazinessathesis, this weeks Blitzkrieg entry won't be up tomorrow as planned. Kung Fu from Beyond the Grave part 3 should be up next week and I might push myself extra hard and get it up Wednesday and Part 4 up Friday. As a sorry to all you fans I present a really cool cover from a Pulp Magazine. ENJOY!