April 13, 2009

So what about those Posts/Vote on the Next Flick Update.

So you remember when I promised to get that next installment out by Sat. And you know how it is now Mon and it's still not there? Yeah...blame Facebook and the never-ending movie quiz. I do think I got that out of my system and should get back to work on the blog tonight. Course I've said that before.

Also in related news, it looks like Monster from a Prehistoric Planet has won the vote and will be following Zorro as the next film reviewed. This 1960s Monster movie was called Kappa in it's original Japan and is basically a rip off of Godzilla. I must warn you there is no Prehistoric Planet in the movie. Go figure.

I just can't believe Karate Cop didn't get any votes. The movie is so out there and so bad that I know it's going to show up again.

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