February 11, 2011

Madmen of Mandoras (1963)

Welcome back to another edition of the B-Movie Blitzkrieg. Today we look at a pretty infamous film, but not in the way most people know it. See most people know this movie as "They Saved Hitler's Brain." The movie we are looking at today is called "Madmen of Mandras". Same movie, different title. Apparently the title isn't the only different in these two films. About twenty minutes of new footage was added to this movie when it was re-released, and re-titled in 1966. Most of the added footage stands out pretty bad I'm told. Lucky for us we have the original here, and don't worry...they do in fact save Hitler's brain in this one too.

Synopsis: When a leading scientist, who knows the antidote to one of the most deadly nerve gases ever created, disappears along with one of his daughters, his other daughter and her husband go looking for him in the Central American country of Mandoras. When they arrive they find a deadly plot of world domination by Nazi's that fled Germany...and yes, they saved Hitler's brain.

I'll be honest, I wish I was reviewing They Saved Hitler's Brain instead of this movie, if only for the crazy title. This title is meant to preserve the twist of seeing Hitler's decapitated head in a jar about two-thirds of the way through this flick. I admit the surprise is better, but when you see a movie titled "They Saved Hitler's Brain" you just have to watch it.

This movie gets a lot of flak for being one of the worst movies ever made, but it's not really. It's no worse then most of the B-Movies made around this time period. If it wasn't for the outlandish plot twist, then this movie would have been lost in the sea of drive-in double feature movies. Oh and I just have to show you people this picture. If this doesn't make you want to see this movie then I don't know what will.

See!!! Isn't that crazy? It's Hitler's head in jar. Sooooo awesome. Anyway, this one gets a 4 out 5 on the Cheese-O-Meter.

Until next time, see you on the front line.


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