February 25, 2011

The Amazing Transparent Man (1960)

No, it's not the Invisible Man, it's his cheaper cousin The Amazing Transparent Man.

Synopsis: A crazed former Army man, breaks a master safe cracker out of prison. In exchange for his freedom, the safe cracker must steal nuclear material for him in order to make a army of invisible soldier to take over the world. To make sure the theft succeeds, he turns him invisible as well.
This movie is O.K. for an Invisible Man rip off, course it does amount to just a bunch of people talking to thin area while the actor shouts his lines at them from off camera. This is one of those great Atom Age movies. You know where everyone and their cousin either grew 50 feet, turned invisible, or became an unstoppable monster, thanks to good old  nuclear radiation. Now we know it just gives you the power  to die of cancer, but back then all things where possible with the help of the atom.

I'd suggest this movie to anyone that is interested in this area of films and all it's one of kind monster movies. In my opinion the 50's and 60's where the golden age of B-Movies and this film is a good example of exactly those kinds of films. If they wrote a text book on how to make these movies, this one would be right out of it. That isn't to say it doesn't have it's drawbacks. It's slow, and a little on the hard to swallow side at times. The effects where bad even for the time, let alone looking at them now. Course of that is to be expected from a B-movie. It's also more of a prison break and blackmail movie, then it is a Sci-Fi film.

The Amazing Transparent Man gets a 3 out 5 on the Cheese-O-Meter.

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