February 26, 2011

She Gods of Shark Reef (1958)

Ah Roger Corman...let his name be praised. If you haven't guessed, he is he man that brought us today's film: The She Gods of Shark Reef!

Synopsis: When a gun smuggling operation goes wrong and the smuggler is forced to kill two guards, he stows away on his brother's boat to escape. But the ship crashes into a reef and the two brothers find themselves trapped on a island of nothing but pretty native girls who make a living by diving for huge pearls. While one brother falls in love, the others eyes are only on the pearls and a way to escape the island with them. 

This movie is really nothing more then an excuse to look at pretty native girls and oiled up buff guys. The plot, if it can be called that, is just there to make sure we get plenty of shots of that. There is a sub-plot about an angry god and how he punishes the native girls, but it's really a back burner thing...and an excuse to get the girls in even less cloths when some are sacrificed to the sharks.

She Gods of Shark Reef gets a 3 out of 5 on the Cheese-O-Meter.

Until next time, see you on the front line.


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