February 12, 2011

Project: Kill (1976)

Leslie Neilson in non-spoof role? Surely you can't be serious. I am serious, and don't call me Shirley. Although I wouldn't call this movie serious. Oh, it was intended to be, but after seeing it it is hard to take it as so. This is Neilson pre-Airplane, post Forbidden Planet. So it's not a Neilson most people have have seen.

Synopsis: A top agent of a secret government project goes rogue after he finds out that the men he has trained are being used as assassins, rather that for protection of government officials. His former partner is sent to hunt him down before he blow the whistle on the whole project.

This movie is all kinds of corny, but the good kind of corny that makes you chuckle a little when things play out on the screen. The movie takes it's self to seriously and that's almost part of the charm of it.

One of these things in this movie that is kinda strange is there isn't really a clear cut good and bad guy. Neilson's character seems to be doing the right thing, but in the wrong way. It also doesn't help that he has gone cold turkey from his mind control meds and things start going a little wacky with him. His former partner seems to be doing the wrong thing, but in the right way. So by the end you really don't know who was in the right and who was in the wrong, but a lot of movies from this era where like that. You'd have movies like the previously reviewed Stanley, where he is stopping poachers but he is also a maniac. It's just strange is all.

Project: Kill gets 3 out 5 on the cheese-o-meter.

Till next time, see you on the front line.


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