February 10, 2011

Stanley (1972)

Snakes...I hate them, but Tim loves them. So much so that they are his only friends. His favorite is a rattlesnake named Stanley, who he takes with him everywhere.

Synopsis: When Native American Tim, finds a local Florida business man is poaching snakes off the reservation to make his snake skin products, Tim takes justice into his own hands and unleashes his army of deadly snakes on them in revenge.

This movie is a rip off of 1971's Willard. Just replace rats with snakes and you got this movie. This movie didn't really creep me out as much as I was expecting. As a person with a fear of snakes, I was hesitant to even watch this film. It didn't, however, deliver the crawling skin feeling I'm so use to on seeing a snake. If it couldn't put the fear of snakes in me, I don't know if it could have done it to a person not normally afraid of snakes.

There was a lot of actual snake killings caught on film in this movie, all of which where rather disturbing. The worse was when we get a close up of a rattlesnake being blown away by a shot gun. It was really blech. Another thought that was constantly in my mind is how the actor who played Tim didn't die during the making of this movie. The rattlesnakes around him are constantly rattling away, looking like they are about to strike and he is just grabbing them and slinging them around and getting in their faces. They must have pulled the snakes teeth or something.

Stanley gets a 3 out 5 on the cheese-o-meter.

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