August 9, 2010

The B-Movie Blitzkrieg Strikes Back.

After the all too soon, and sad death of the web comic, "Simon Says" that I was writing and failed attempts to starts a new comic, I have needed a outlet for my creative juices in the mode of verse that most of the time takes the form of fart jokes. So from the vault of short lived ideas that were good, but I become disheartened and gave up on them, comes the return of the B-Movie Blitzkrieg. (Holds for Applause).

And what delectable treat of celluloid sweetness to I plan do make my grand return to all 4 of my fans (who maybe one of will actually read this)? Will I finally take on Gone with the Wind and give it a proper reaming it deserves? Sadly no. It won't even be a movie, but instead Episode 1 of the Japanese TV series "Super Robot: Red Baron." in a new segment that we (and every time I say we I pretty much just mean me and my cat, and honestly the cat does most of the work.) here at the Blitzkrieg are calling "SUPER ROBO: FUN TIME GO 7!!!!" Or wait, SRFT7...well we will work on that. So hope to see you on the front line here for some hot Robot on Robot action!

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