November 4, 2010

Simon Says 002: A Retrospect.

So now we come to Simon Says: 002 "Progress is Making Things Smaller." I'm actually shocked we didn't get more heat from the ladies with this one, and by heat I mean someone being mad and then Dwayne telling them I wrote it so I got all the hate mail. Didn't happen though. Maybe because it was so early on and hardly anyone was looking at this one.

At the heart of this one really is my dislike of when women wearing huge white cotton granny panties. (Although I know the ones in the comic are pink.) There is a time and place for giant white granny panties and it's not in your twenties or thirties. They are called granny panties for a reason ladies. And now I've just made sure I get a second chance at hate mail. Although I'm sure there are women out there that don't like their men to wear tightey whiteys, or those boxer brief things, but I doubt you'd call them sexist. Think about it won't you?

There also would have been a call back to this strip in a comic called "Handicapped Parking" which found our trio at the mall, where Liz had been shopping at the lingerie store so Simon would stop complaining. Again, you never got to see that one.

Also of note in this comic are the first appearance of Liz and T-Bear. T-bear I don't think is ever called by name in any comic I wrote, and this is cause I hate his name. But I couldn't come up with anything better. T-Bear came from the fact that I thought his body shape should be a like a Teddy Bear. So T-Bear was a place holder name that just never got replaced. I had planned to run a contest to let a fan actually name T-Bear, but that never happened and so he will forever be T-Bear.

We also get the age old and cliché statement about everything becoming smaller as technology moves forward. Not me making a statement at all, truth be told. I just used it to set up the joke about the underwear. Which worked pretty well if I do say so myself.

Anyway, toon in next time (see what I did there with the toon, instead of tune.) where I'll be telling you the story of the most disagreeable comics I wrote "The Slackers of Hazzard County" not because this comic was offensive, but just because it didn't really work.


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